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We are hearing a lot about narcissistic people these days, but readers may not know narcissism is a personality disorder. What we know is people with narcissistic personalities were injured at a very young age and are not capable of healthy adult relationships.

Do you know a narcissist? The odds may be higher than you think. About one out of every 20 people are narcissistic. Below are the top 12 characteristics of narcissistic individuals:

  1. Need to feel in control, as having others in charge makes them feel vulnerable.
  2. Exhibit an unawareness of the impact of their actions on those around them.
  3. Avoids giving to others when it is not convenient.
  4. Lack empathy and the ability to respond to the feelings and needs of others.
  5. Exhibit the appearance of dominance as an attempt to hide their insecurities and low self-esteem.  Preoccupied with power and success.
  6. Can’t be good parents as they are not capable of the emotional closeness necessary to raise healthy children.
  7. Have trouble with intimacy in personal relationships due to their fear of vulnerability.
  8. Feel a need to be adored by others and often require constant admiration.
  9. Tend to be judgmental and critical of themselves, rarely thinking they have accomplished enough.
  10. Sense of Self-importance and often arrogant
  11. Lack respect for the boundaries of other people.
  12. Tend to lie or omit the truth.

Helpful information:

Generally, narcissists do not seek treatment unless they experience a significant loss or their narcissistic defenses begin to give way severely. Nevertheless, if a narcissist does seek and stick with treatment, there is hope for them to recover and thrive.