Meet Jack

Jack is a certified public accountant. After several months of coaching, he was able to clarify that he wanted to double his income. He could achieve this goal because he owned a small business. However, there were several factors operating that sabotaged his success including these detrimental messages from his parents:

  1. He wasn’t going to be successful.
  2. He was destined to live an average lifestyle.
  3. He couldn’t buy the things he felt excited about.

As a result, Jack often felt deprived and came to me for success coaching. Jack had to do some personal work to realize that he deserved to live in abundance and that he was not turning his back on his parents in doing so. Gradually, he developed the belief that he deserved to be successful. He learned to view money as a challenge. He also took a course called “The Energy of Money” to help him learn how money works and how to develop positive money habits. With these accomplishments achieved, Jack was able to settle on the motivating and measurable goal of doubling his income over a three-year period. Then, he was able to afford the lifestyle he wanted, and he felt highly confident and positive. Best of all, Jack realized he could set and accomplish more meaningful goals because he had “gone from a maze to amazing.” He now had days when he was simply happy to be alive and felt that his life was a vibrant and beautiful adventure.

Formulating a goal is a creative process and for people like Jack who do not know what they want, experimentation is crucial.

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